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Mentorship and Coaching - TalentC®

TalentC® is an international human resources solution provider with a focus on mentoring and succession planning/development. We work with organizations through the succession planning process to develop successors through the knowledge transfer and leadership development stages of the succession planning process. Our philosophy is that "making you successful is what matters®".

Note from SuccessionMatching:

Statistically, buying an existing business has a better success rate over green fielding a start-up. This is significantly attributable to the mentorship received from the person selling the business.

Often times a buyer and seller may struggle with different communication styles. That is why has partnered with TalentC®.

Contact Information:
Doug Lawrence
TalentC® - People Services Inc.
1222 Baird Street North
Regina, Saskatchewan.
S4X 3B6
Phone: (306)924-2296
Cellular: (306)537-6759