Why SuccessionMatching?

High-Tech Results

Match with the perfect business buyer or seller using our unique compatibility algorithm.

Customizable Privacy Settings

Simple and easy-to-use privacy settings help you control who sees your information.

No Sales Commission

Owners can sell their businesses and farms commission-free.


Buy and Sell Businesses or Farms

Connect with Professionals who can assist You throughout the transition with everything from Accounting to Finding Financing.

Videos, Articles, and Resources to help with everything from Writing A Succession or Business Plan to Transitioning a Business.

Assistance from Economic Development Professionals who can give free advice.

How it Works

Signing up is free and fast. Become a member and browse our public resources, request a free consultation, and connect with our Preferred Partners.

Members who want to match with business buyers and/or sellers can create a listing and pay an annual fee or input a coupon code obtained through special programming. Our matching algorithm will then look for profile commonality and send connections requests to buyers and sellers based on member information.

Members control who they connect with and set their own profile and privacy options to allow secure and discreet site access. In addition to getting matched with compatible members, everyone who has created a listing will also have access to more resources and receive a welcome message from us with suggestions and next steps for their transition plan.

Buyers and Sellers can:
  • Access articles, resources, and special programming
  • Get a free 30 minute consultation with SuccessionMatching staff
  • Find service professionals
  • Create a listing

Formal Succession Planning Program


Sell Your Business For What It Is Worth

How do you increase the chances of selling your business? What is the best way to get the highest price for it?

Setting up a Formal Succession Plan is not only the best way to ensure you find the right buyer with the best price and tax planning, but it will also help to ensure the long-term success of the business after you transition.

The Formal Succession Planning Program

The Formal Succession Planning program is designed to walk business owners through everything required to put a Formal Succession Plan together. From determining an accurate value of the business, to collecting the necessary info for due diligence, to learning valuable negotiating tactics - position your business to sell with a Formal Succession Plan.

The Formal Succession Planning Program
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Our Membership Base


Members interested in purchasing a business or farm. Buyers can create listings to match with applicable owners who have posted a business or farm for sale.

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Members interested in selling their business or farm. Sellers can create listings to match with applicable members who are interested in purchasing a business or farm.

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Venture Capitalists

Members interested in purchasing more than one business. As a Venture Capitalist, you will go through a verification process and receive a concierge experience of the site.

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Succession Planning Professionals

Members whose services can help Buyers and Sellers during a business or farm transition. They include, but are not limited to, Accountants, Lawyers, Economic Development Officers, and Commercial Lenders. Please note that Succession Planning Professionals cannot browse listings, solicit business from, or advertise to, other members.

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Preferred Partners

Members who are Succession Planning Professionals and who have been vetted by SXNM as trusted partners. Our Preferred Partners provide 1st-rate service at competitive prices for our members. They also enjoy prominent promotion on the site, the ability to upload videos and articles with our members, and personal recommendations from SXNM to members who are actively searching for the assistance they provide. To become a Preferred Partner, you must first sign up as a Succession Planning Professional and then apply to become a Preferred Partner.

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Members who just want to look around or are not sure which membership category they belong to. These members have access to some resources and can connect with Preferred Partners only.

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Who We Are


Our mission is to provide the assistance required for successful ownership transitions that benefit all parties involved, ensuring farms and businesses in communities across North America continue to operate for generations to come.


As a business we strive to support the production, services, and economic health of cities, towns, and citizens in the following ways:

Education - raising awareness of succession planning importance and the steps involved.

Community - working with community partners to deliver personalized succession planning solutions.

Connections - creating networks of owners, entrepreneurs, succession planning professionals, and other organizations and individuals who can assist in business transitions.

Generations - helping business owners fulfill their plans for exiting their business, and empowering new entrepreneurs for long-term success.

Development - utilizing the most advanced technology and proven business practices to facilitate efficient and effective business transitions.



Our values are the guiding principles that direct our actions and interactions.

Efficacy - measuring our success in terms of our members’ success.

Efficiency - valuing our members’ time and money as much as they do.

Humility - knowing our area of expertise and including others to assist in theirs.

Reliability - helping our members throughout their succession journey.

Affordability - making our products and services available to everyone who needs them.

Alison Anderson


Founder & CEO, SuccessionMatching

Alison Anderson is the Founder and CEO of SuccessionMatching.com, a website for business buyers, sellers, and succession planning professionals. With a background in Human Resources and Economic Development, Alison has always been interested in helping entrepreneurs. As a business owner herself, she understands the hard work and dedication that is required to run a successful business. She strives every day to improve the business landscape for all businesses without losing sight of the people behind each.

Chelsea Lees


Manager of Media Production and User Experience

Chelsea Lees is Manager of Media Production and User Experience at SuccessionMatching, a website for business buyers, sellers, and succession planning professionals. Chelsea’s passion for business evolved from managing a small yoga studio for three years, leaving her with the desire to start on her own entrepreneurial path. She went on to operate her own freelance based digital media business which provided her with the skills necessary to navigate a wide scope of online communications from video production to social media strategizing. Chelsea graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2016 with a diploma in Photojournalism, and from the University of Calgary in 2009 with BScs in Primatology and Physical Anthropology with a minor in Biology.

Krista Steighbour


Analyst and Systems Manager

Krista works primarily with the SuccessionMatching team to implement processes and develop our internal systems as we continue to scale our operations. She has 14 years experience in project management and data analysis. She grew up working in small businesses, making her attention to detail and vast knowledge of a variety of industries (from tourism to types of chickens) valuable assets to the team. In addition to her vast diversity in small business experience, Krista also holds a diploma in Travel & Tourism Administration and is a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Lauren Shepard


Customer Relations Manager

Lauren works primarily with international buyers and business owners looking to start their business transition. She has over ten years of experience in project management and operations with a wide range of companies, including large oil and gas to startups, throughout Texas. She gained hands-on experience with business transitions after facilitating the acquisition of a company she worked for in 2019. Her work with business owners has fueled her passion for solving problems, being future focused, and developing creative strategies for success. Lauren holds a bachelor's degree from Texas State University in political science and business administration.

Lindsay Alliban


Partnerships (Ambassadors)

Lindsay primarily with the Community Futures Ambassadors from Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as on social media outreach. She has ten years of experience in rural economic development, the local international program, and runs her own events business. Lindsay sits on a number of economic development boards and communities across Saskatchewan and is interested in doing many of the presentations for our organization. She lives in Southwest Saskatchewan in a community called Hazlet.

Etoile Perreault


Member Support

Etoile hails from rural BC where she grew up connected to small-town communities. She moved to Calgary and started her own business focused on Earthworks construction. It was through this endeavour that she realised a love of numbers and moved on to become a certified bookkeeper, which she used for several years as a consultant to small business owners. She enjoys working in particular with small business owners from small towns because she recognises the dedication and hard work they put into their businesses. With SuccessionMatching, she is able to further realise this path as she works to support members on their journey through business succession.

Tyla Lees


Member Support

A born and raised Calgarian, Tyla has over a decade of prime customer service experience from a variety of esteemed contexts. Traditionally trained as a baking and pastry chef, she has started and run two of her own businesses giving her the positive insight required to connect with other business owners in the succession landscape. Now Tyla enjoys helping to build the organizational systems that make SuccessionMatching tick, as well as guiding users on the site to aid them in achieving their succession goals.

Emiliano Villarreal


Product Development Advisor

As a Professor at the Austin Center for Design as well as a startup founder several times over, Emiliano brings his development and business knowledge to SXNM. He has been working closely with the SuccessionMatching team, and provides crucial insight to the website user experience as well as overall product management. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

Geoff Garfield


Sales Specialist

Before joining Succession Matching in June of 2022, Geoff spent close to 25 years in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as a personal financial planning advisor and asset manager. One of Geoff's focuses is on small business owners and the need to incorporate in-depth planning into major life decisions. Geoff is an experienced and avid networker who helps run the largest chapter in the American organization, USA 500. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and 4 children.


    Pipeline Company

    Really appreciate everything you've done for me so far. This is great!

    Seller Member

    Alison and her team are committed to helping small businesses successfully transition to the next owner, the next generation. We have felt the power of their conviction and talents, and the support they are giving us is amazing; we couldn’t have done this without them.

    Parul Neufeld

    The webinar series that were a part of the SuccessionMatching Community Project, provided a diverse range of topics that were very relevant and spoke to our broad business demographic. The quality of the information presented by subject matter experts added depth to the webinar series, making it worth the time of our business owners.

    Seller Member

    Alison and her team are committed to helping small businesses successfully transition to the next owner, the next generation. We have felt the power of their conviction and talents, and the support they are giving us is amazing; we couldn’t have done this without them.