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Help Wanted - The Solution for Oil Industry Layoffs

With the recent announcement of layoffs at Shell, I can’t help but wonder how my friends and family in my hometown of Weyburn Saskatchewan will be affected. Lower oil prices for the foreseeable future will mean job instability in that sector and the financial stress that comes with it. To avoid the doom and gloom of the news cycle, I remind myself that statistically the rates of entrepreneurship increase with higher unemployment rates. When People cannot rely on corporate jobs, so they create their own job.

Meanwhile, on every Main Street in the country, 70% of businesses are looking to sell and retire.

By matching these two demographics, we have a very strong value proposition for both parties.
The business owner is able to divest, and the business will carry on. This situation increases the likelihood that a business will keep their current staff and continue to service their customers. Therefore, the business owner will protect their legacy.
The buyer may be a first-time entrepreneur, which is not a bad thing. They will gain the benefits of a mentorship period with the current owner, operating a turn-key business, having cash flow from day one, and being able to control their own destiny in the future.

Community Futures Saskatchewan and Manitoba have coupons allowing businesses to access, a website that offers resources on selling businesses and allows owners to list their own businesses, for free
SquareOne, SREDA, ROCC, and Futupreneurs Sk all have buyer coupons that will give a person free access to the site if they would like to look for a business.

If you recently found yourself looking for another line of work and would consider entrepreneurship, visit one of those offices and get the advice you need to buy a business and a coupon to access our site.

Community Futures Saskatchewan

Community Futures Maitoba

Square One Saskatchewan's Business Resource Centre

Saskatoon Region Economic Development Authority (SREDA)

Regina Regional Opportunities Commission