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Matching Employee Share Ownership Plans and Financing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 19th, 2016

SXNM SuccessionMatching Ltd.
Alison Anderson- CEO
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ESOP Builders Inc.
Jennifer Williams – Employee Ownership Specialist
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New Partnership to Match Employee Share Ownership Plans and Financing

SXNM SuccessionMatching Ltd is an innovative company that addresses one of the biggest threats to the Canadian economy: business transitions and succession planning. is proud to announce it has reached a partnership agreement with ESOP Builders Canada. The agreement allows members and venture capital partners to connect with clients of ESOP Builders in need of plan financing. It is built on a shared desire to give companies more ownership funding options, allow for more plans to be written and ultimately see more employees become owners.

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the number one barrier to buying a business is financing. The partnership between and ESOP Builders provides an opportunity for more business owners to consider an internal purchase by matching employees with external capital.

“We have seen first hand the benefits of employee share ownership plans. They allow employees to buy into their own future and promote loyalty while also preserving corporate knowledge and culture. Many of these transactions require a third party to complete the financing. Matching employee share ownership plans with buyer members on creates an excellent opportunity for all parties involved.” - Warren Sheydwasser,

“Working together, this partnership allows ESOP Builders to expand our comprehensive services by utilizing’s unique platform to connect great employee ownership plans with investors looking to fund them.” - Perry Phillips, ESOP Builders Canada

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