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SuccessionMatching Community Project (SMCP)

It’s no secret that small businesses are central to the health of Canadian communities. For the last several decades, the products and services offered by small businesses have kept communities running. But with many of these business owners now on the brink of retirement, they need to have a transition or succession plan if they are to avoid shutting down. Unless they are able to do this, the communities they support will not just lose their economic health, but the next generation of community members along with it.

Successionmatching believes this problem can be overcome with education and proper planning. By providing business owners and buyers with the tools needed to not only find each other but complete the transition of ownership in a reasonable amount of time, the future of Canadian communities can be prosperous for the next generation and beyond.

The online platform for business buyers and sellers to find each other is already provided by, but more can be done to ensure the success of this initiative. SuccessionMatching is currently partnering with towns, cities, regions, and even whole provinces to come together and join the SuccessionMatching Community Project (SMCP).

The goal of the SMCP is to prevent small businesses in communities from shutting down, but there are many other opportunities in doing so. The SMCP will also provide job opportunities and champion entrepreneurship for youth, allowing them to enter the workforce as business owners and invest in the communities they grew up in. These opportunities will also be available for other members of minority communities that have been traditionally underrepresented such as women, First Nations and Metis, new immigrants, and transitioning military veterans. These opportunities also come with mentorship options, so that people purchasing their first business will receive all the assistance they need to start out on the right foot.

If you would like to be a part of ensuring the future of Canadian communities, or for more information and to request an application for the SMCP, please use our Contact Us Form

Applications are now being accepted for 2018 programming.
Deadline to take part in the upcoming SMCP Webinar Series: 
 September 15th, 2018