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Upcoming Events

Canadian Credit Union Association Virtual 2018 Conferences
As part of an online professional development and education conference, Alison will join the Canadian Credit Union Association to speak to their lenders and leaders who want to gain a better understanding of succession planning. Alison has worked with thousands of farm and business buyers and sellers and analyzed the metadata provided by to identify common pain points that buyers and sellers encounter throughout the transition process. She will share some strategies and resources available that can help CCUA members implement a succession plan and a successful business or farm transition. The dates and times for these sessions are:

June 21 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET (Commercial audience)
Nov 22 @ 4:00 – 5:00 pm ET (Ag audience)
Nov 28 @ 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET (Commercial audience)

This is for Credit Union Employees only and they can register through the CCUA Cusource.

Are you looking to sell your business or farm in the next ten years?
SuccessionMatching Community Project (SMCP) Fall Webinar Series
October 3rd to November 27th, 2018
Industry experts from across North America will be joining us to share their knowledge on everything from Chartered Business Valuations to HR issues, before, during, and after the transition.
Participants who attend live are encouraged to ask any questions they may have regarding their transition plan and can access this webinar series from the privacy of their home or business.

Writing a Succession Plan - October 3 @1:00pmET
Family Transitions - October 15 @ 1:00pmET
Co-ops - October 17 @ 1:00pmET
Third Party Sales - October 19 @ 2:00pmET
Human Resources - October 23 @ 1:00pmET
Coaching for Personal and Business Transitions - October 25 @ 2:00pm ET
Mentorship - October 29 @ 1:00pm ET
Marketing - November 1 @ 2:00pmET
Chartered Business Valuation - November 2 (recording release)
Tax Planning - November 13 @ 1:00pmET
Farm Valuation - November 15 @ 2:00pmET
Legal Considerations for Selling to an Immigrant - November 19 @ 1:00pmET
Financial Planning for Retirement - November 21 @ 2:00pmET
Finding Financing for a Farm - November 23 @ 1:00pmET
Business Financing - November 27 @ 1:00pmET

For more information or to register, please Click Here.