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Want to get out of Oil and Gas?

With the recent announcement of more layoffs, I can’t help but  wonder how my friends and  family in my hometown of Weyburn, Saskatchewan will be affected. Lower oil prices for the foreseeable future will mean job instability in that sector and
the financial stress that comes with it. People cannot rely on corporate jobs but they can create their own job.

Meanwhile, 70% of business and farm owners are looking to sell and retire.  By matching buyers and sellers to will be beneficial to both parties. The business owner is able to retire and it gives the buyer an opportunity to set themselves and their family up for success.

The buyer may be a first-time entrepreneur, which is not a bad thing. They will gain the benefits of a mentorship period with the
current owner, operating a turn-key business, having cash flow from day one, and being able to control their own destiny in the future.

Right now we have a farm located near Edmonton Alberta on the site. I have met with the couple several times and they are very good people. They understand that the barrier to buying a farm is high in most cases and want to work with their buyer and set them up for success.

They are willing to let someone live on their land rent free while they see if it is a right fit for everyone. Having a background in operating machinery or being a mechanic is a bounce.

If you want to set your family up for success and are willing to work hard to get ahead, this is a great opportunity for you.

If you would like more information, please contact me via email or sign up HERE as a buyer 
and see what other opportunities await you.

Find the right business.