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SuccessionMatching helps to connect you to the right business or buyer. Our hard and soft-skill matching questions help you to find the like-minded individuals and acquisition opportunities.

The average business transition in Canada can take 2-7 years, however, this can vary from company to company.

That is why, we recommend signing up for the one year membership. Our Economic Development staff will review your profile and make suggestions on next steps that may be required for a business transition or financing. SuccessionMatching also offers a number of resources and due diligence checklists for buyers and sellers.

Steps for Sign-up

  1. Select an account type, buyer or seller
  2. Enter your coupon for discount or free access (visit Coupons tab for more information)
  3. Fill out a sign up questionnaire
  4. Set privacy settings, you control who sees your information
  5. Select account package

Members can also refine their matches by filling additional questions on our Exclusive Matching System.


3 months: $167.85 plus GST ($55.95 per month)
6 months: $227.70 plus GST ($37.95 per month)
12 months: $239.40 plus GST ($19.95 per month)
24 months: $311.76 plus GST ($12.99 per month)

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