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 SuccessionMatching is an online community for business buyers, sellers, and succession planning professionals. We do not charge a commission on the sale of your business or farm and have three privacy settings so you control who sees your information. 

Don't know where to start on your succession plan?

Fill out our Get Started - Business and Farm Succession survey and get a free consultation on next steps from one of our SuccessionMatching Economic Development Officers. 

Who is a good fit for a SuccessionMatching membership? 

Seller Memberships  

  • Owners looking to sell their business or farm and retire
  • Owners looking to divest for a lifestyle change or desire to pursue other interests.
  • Business owners who are looking to grow their operation and would like to find a partner that can help them financially and strategically
  • Business owners who would like more information on how to transition their business (Family/Management Buyout, Employee Share Ownership Program, Third Party Sale)

Buyer Memberships

  • Individuals interested in working for themselves and becoming an entrepreneur
  • Individuals or companies who are looking to purchase a business as an investment
  • Employees who have hit a ceiling in their organization and want to become owners
  • Business owners looking to expand and grow by acquiring a competitor
  • Individuals who would like more information on how to purchase a business from family members, their employer or from a third party

Sign Up Process

Buyers and sellers sign up for SuccessionMatching by filling out a profile, answering a series of matching questions and purchasing a membership.  

An Economic Development Officer (EDO) then reaches out to the new member with a “Welcome Email” which will help you identify where you are in your transition, suggest resources and next steps.

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Additional Services 

We understand that we can not be everything to everyone and that is why we work with a number of succession planning professionals to ensure that our members receive the best advice throughout the process of buying or selling a business.

Based on information in your profile, your EDO will individualize a plan or roadmap that will clearly outline your next steps and identify industry experts who can help you.