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The most valuable resource of any business is its people. Whether buying or selling, you’ll want to make sure the people in your business are well trained, motivated, and informed throughout the succession transition.

People are a business’s most valuable resource and assessing a company's workforce is a crucial part of valuing a business for purchase or sale. Moreover, an important part of managing an ownership transition is managing the employees who are directly affected by that transition. Employees may need to be recruited, retained, or terminated and the success or failure in any one of these tasks can drastically affect the business as a whole.

An HR Audit is critical to determining the state of a business’s Human Resources. Not only is this assessment an important part of determining a business’s value, but it also allows a business owner to see what areas of their business can be improved to raise its value. Whether it needs to recruit, retain, train and educate, boost performance of, or terminate employees, an HR professional can provide all of these services with the utmost care and professionalism.

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