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Alison Anderson is the Founder and CEO of SXNM. With a background in Human Resources and Economic Development, Alison has always been interested in helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses. With a combination of optimism and good, down-to-earth sense, Alison has always believed that the whole is greater than the parts, and she constantly manages to bring out the best in everyone around her. As a business owner herself, she personally understands the struggles involved in running a successful one. She strives every day to improve the business landscape for all businesses without losing sight of the people behind each. When she isn’t working with CEOs, Provosts, EDOs, Community Leaders, and individual farm and business owners to do just that, she enjoys watching Ted Talks with a glass of wine and a few close friends.

Dana Maxim is the Director of Special Projects. Her outstanding organizational skills and positive attitude have served her well in a variety of occupations including Disability Case Manager, Personal Trainer, and Life Claims Assessor. She has always enjoyed exercising and playing sports, even though she’s never quite had a knack for the latter. When she’s not doing athletics or spending time with family, Dana describes herself as a big nerd who enjoys reading Kathy Reich, Dan Brown, and John Grisham novels in addition to non-fiction works by noteworthy scientists. She graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a BSc Kinesiology in 2009, and though she is now in the city of Aylesford, Dana still happily resides in Nova Scotia with her husband and son.

Meg Ronson is the Director of Partnerships at SXNM and Analyst. As someone who always makes the effort to understand people’s perspectives, Meg wants her work to always have a community focus. Whether that’s building and strengthening relationships amongst community leaders, or working hands-on with individual members and projects, Meg enjoys bringing people together to accomplish their goals. She also puts her Masters degree in Economic Development and Innovation from the University of Waterloo to good use when evaluating business processes and market opportunities as SXNM’s Analyst, that is of course when she isn’t too busy planning the next D&D campaign for her own community of friends and interested adventurers.

Jason Vinck is the Director of Learning, Gamification, Communications for SXNM. He developed a passion for reading and writing at an early age, eventually turning it into an academic and professional career. He Graduated with a BA in English Literature from the University of Regina in 2011 and an MA in Teaching and Learning from McGill University in 2017. He has enjoyed working in the Communications Field with a wide range of clients and employers including the Federal Government of Canada, SaskEnergy, Farm Credit Canada, and many other small to medium-sized business. He has also enjoyed teaching the English language to a variety of youth and adult students in the public and private education sectors. In his free time, Jason volunteers with his church community, delivering talks and helping to organize young adult events. He is an avid reader and creative writer, though he also enjoys turning his brain off now and then to play video games with his friends.